The external perception of a brand or a company is represented by the corporate design. This is composed of various elements. The logo forms the central point of a brand, it is flanked by a corporate colour theme and the corporate typography and visually matching imagery.
These elements should shape the face of a brand in the most characteristic way possible.

Those who appreciate the value of a well-functioning and fittig typeface can go one step further and choose an exclusive custom typeface, that is explicitly developed to the needs of the brand or company.

There are two ways to do this: the somewhat simpler, by selecting an existing typeface from our portfolio and, while retaining the basic variables, have it modified to create a distinctive, personalized typeface, and have it adapted to specific brand-specific requirements.

Or a completely new, exactly fitting typeface, designed in consideration of the company-/ brand-specific requirements.
The development of a customized corporate typeface sounds expensive at first, but may, under certain circumstances, be cheaper than licensing a commercial typeface for larger companies.

Let’s discuss your custom typface ideas.

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Doubletwo Studios loves and lives design, and looks back with passion on almost two decades of experience in design, advertising and marketing. Our catalogue of design services includes, among other things, these fields of expertise:

  • Brand development and corporate identity (logo, typography, colour and image world)
  • Editorial design
  • Webdesign / Appdesign (UI and UX)
  • Motion design

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