XXII Geom Slab


XXII GeomSlab are the additional slab-serif styles to the geometric sans-serif XXII Geom Sans.

XXII Geom Sans and XXII Geom Slab are modern geometric type systems designed with focus on functionality & legibility and with an eye on the old masters.

Their well balanced low contrast letter shapes come with a tall x-height. With its range of Opentype features it is designed to fulfill the needs your content deserves (Smallcaps, Case Sensitives, Ligatures…) as well as serving your individual taste (Stylistic alternates & Sets).

Designer: Lecter Johnson
Released: 08 / 2018

Available in 1 set containing the following styles:

Complete Set (16 fonts):
Thin, ThinIt, Light, LightIt, Book, BookIt, Regular, RegularIt, Medium, MediumIt, Bold, BoldIt, Heavy, HeavyIt, Black, BlackIt



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