XXII Neue Norm Rounded


Based on the XXII Neue Norm this rounded version lives on the the powerful, straight and technical appearance of a constructed low contrast sans serif typeface. The carefully rounded corners simply bring up a subtile bit of softness.

XXII Neue Norm Rounded comes along in 9 styles and its fitting italics.

Designer: Lecter Johnson
Released: 09 / 2017

Available in Complete Set (18 fonts):
CndExtraThin, CndExtraThinIt, CndThin, CndThinIt, CndLight, CndLightIt, CndRegular, CndRegularIt, CndMedium, CndMediumIt, CndSemiBold, CndSemiBoldIt, CndBold, CndBoldIt, CndExtraBold, CndExtraBoldIt, CndBlack, CndBlackIt


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