XXII Neue Norm


If you liked the power and straightness of a DIN Condensed, but wanted it a bit more technical and modern, you may love this little family. XXII Neue Norm is a constructed, low contrast, sans serif typface of nine weights and its fitting italics.

Designer: Lecter Johnson
Released: 11 / 2016

Available in Complete Set (18 fonts):
CndExtraThin, CndExtraThinIt, CndThin, CndThinIt, CndLight, CndLightIt, CndRegular, CndRegularIt, CndMedium, CndMediumIt, CndSemiBold, CndSemiBoldIt, CndBold, CndBoldIt, CndExtraBold, CndExtraBoldIt, CndBlack, CndBlackIt



  • Weight
  • Text
  • Fontsize
  • Lineheight
  • Letterspacing